What We’re Thinking

How do we evaluate our work? 

Capacity building is notoriously tricky to evaluate. Here in the Packard Foundation’s Organizational Effectiveness (OE) team we evaluate our work several ways, and we are always trying to improve so we can increase our impact.  This post provides a brief overview of our monitoring, evaluation, and learning approach over the last three years. We wanted…

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Developing tomorrow’s leaders: Our approach to building leadership capacity

Organizational Effectiveness (OE) at the Packard Foundation has long invested in building the capacity of leaders. In recent years we have seen increased demand for leadership investments from our grantee partners and our program colleagues, who see this kind of support in a given sector or movement as a critical piece of creating lasting impact….

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Strategic Planning is Alive and Kicking

Over the past several years, our sector has been debating the design, relevancy and role of strategic planning as a core capacity building tool. Some say it is too time intensive and the final product too often ends up “sitting on a shelf.” Others deem planning to be a distraction from critical daily, operational and…

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The Full Cost Project: Funding for Impact

This should be obvious, but it’s key for our sector: To deliver on their mission and sustain their good work over time, nonprofit organizations require the right mix of financial resources. Resources to pay the right people to get the job done well. Resources to have cash on hand for unexpected events. Resources to allow…

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Deepening Commitments: Working Toward Equity and Inclusion When Connecting Youth To The Outdoors

As a trainer, facilitator and program officer at Youth Outside, I have the honor of building relationships with countless nonprofit organizations working tirelessly to accomplish their missions. Regularly, these organizations identify their desire to be more culturally relevant and regularly, people feel at a loss for how to take actionable steps for making cultural relevancy…

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