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Be a solution-seeker, not a problem-solver

Last week, in the opening plenary of the Stanford Nonprofit Management Institute (NPMI), Steve McCormick, co-founder and CEO of the Earth Genome, posed this question: “If a divine being said they will solve the cause you are working on, and you would get none of the credit- a rival colleague would instead- would you take…

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Organizational Effectiveness at the Packard Foundation

The Packard OE Team Welcome to the Organizational Effectiveness Knowledge Center, and especially to this corner where we share what we are thinking. As many of you know, the @PackardOE team has changed in the last few months. Kathy Reich, our director since 2010, moved on to the BUILD program at the Ford Foundation earlier…

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Welcome to the New OE Knowledge Center

Welcome to the new Organizational Effectiveness Knowledge Center! This web platform, replacing our old Wiki, is dedicated to sharing our perspective and resources about improving organizational and network effectiveness. We invite you to explore our resources and what we’re thinking on topics from Leadership and Coaching to Strategic Planning. We have curated this website to house content that…

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Three Keys to Unlocking Systems-Level Change

Developing a systems mindset, identifying the right tool for the job, and paying attention to human dynamics can help leaders move from theory to action when facing complex social problems.

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GEO Collaboration Conference 2015

See the Packard Organizational Effectiveness team’s top tweets as a story from the GEO Collaboration Conference 2015

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