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Request for Proposals— Supporting Diverse Environmental Leaders in California

We are excited to share with you a Request for Proposals for a project manager or project manager team for the next phase of the Environmental Leaders Initiative (ELI). Proposals are due at noon Pacific on November 23, 2020. This is an open RFP – please feel free to forward to leaders and colleagues you…

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COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

As we respond to the evolving COVID-19 crisis, we have pulled together a collection of resources for our nonprofit partners that offer valuable guidance on navigating the current times. Please use and share as needed, and let us know if you have other resources by emailing us here.

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Top Ten OE Knowledge Center Resources of 2018

To support our partners in sorting through the many capacity-building resources available in the field, the Organizational Effectiveness team built the OE Knowledge Center in 2016. The Knowledge Center is a free online knowledge-sharing platform that offers a wide range of resources for nonprofit leaders, organizations, networks, fields, and movements. In 2018, over 4,600 users…

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Strengthening the Hearts and Lungs of Social Change

Heart and Lungs of Social Change

Reprinted with permission from The Center for Effective Philanthropy. You can link to the article on their website here. As funders, we are privileged to support leaders, organizations, and networks that create movements for change. To succeed, that work must be done in partnership, moving together toward our shared goals for positive impact in the world….

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Measuring Leadership for Social Change

The Packard Foundation believes in supporting and investing in leaders who are at the heart of organizations and movements in order to strengthen a given field or system. After all, people power the programs, strategies, campaigns, and networks working toward social change in our world. While investments in leadership development have hovered at 1 percent…

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