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Welcome to the New OE Knowledge Center

Welcome to the new Organizational Effectiveness Knowledge Center! This web platform, replacing our old Wiki, is dedicated to sharing our perspective and resources about improving organizational and network effectiveness.

We invite you to explore our resources and what we’re thinking on topics from Leadership and Coaching to Strategic Planning. We have curated this website to house content that we hope will equip our partners—whether nonprofit organizations or NGOs, funders, or capacity building consultants—to make their work even stronger.

We hope that the Knowledge Center will be a place to exchange learning and reflections, and we encourage you to engage with us by commenting on your experience with these topics or submitting resources that you would like us to consider sharing.

Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of the Knowledge Center. We look forward to working together to make this site an effective tool for our community and appreciate your participation in the process!


  1. Thank you for providing these resources. Some I know, some I don’t. I think the goal is laudible and one that foundations should support in multiple ways (including a library like this one).

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