Topic: Organizational and Network Assessment

Performance Practice (formerly PIOSA) Tool

Leap Ambassadors created The Performance Practice, a set of tools that allow organizations to help drive organizational learning and improvement by self-reflection. Performance Practice was specifically created for social-sector leaders who seek high performance and for funders who want to invest in their grantees partners growth. A complete suite of materials, including a user guide…

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Organizational v. Movement Building Capacity

This fact sheet from Building Movement Project highlights some key differences between capacity building for organizational sustainability and capacity building for social justice and change.

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Ten Keys to Merger Success

Many nonprofit organizations have found a merger with a like-minded organization an effective way to strengthen their mission impact. What does it take to make one succeed? An analysis of 25 nonprofit mergers between 2004 and 2014 in the Chicago metropolitan area surfaced ten keys to merger success.

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The Performance Imperative Tool

Leap of Reason provides this tool to define a “high-performance organization” and lays out in detail the seven organizational pillars that can help you progress on the journey to becoming a high-performance organization. It places preeminent importance on leadership and recognizes that culture and people are key to performance, continuous learning and improvement. Focusing on the overall organization,…

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Strengthening Nonprofit Capacity: Core Concepts in Capacity Building

This publication gives funders more of the tools they need to offer capacity-building support that helps grantees be even more successful. But Strengthening Nonprofit Capacity doesn’t just talk about what makes capacity building most effective, it actually makes these practices understandable and doable. It does this by providing guidance on how to build trust with…

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