Topic: Financial Systems

FMA COVID-19 Response Resources

Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) has gathered tools to support nonprofits manage their finances amidst the rapid changes and uncertainty. Tools to monitor your cash flow and examine your reserves as well as scenario planning for revenue and alternate staffing are included. A Paycheck Protection Program Toolbox including a guide on how to apply and a…

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Nonprofit Audit Guide

National Council of Nonprofits

The National Council of Nonprofits identifies emerging trends, shares proven practices, and promotes solutions that benefit charitable nonprofits and the communities they serve. They have created this Nonprofit Audit Guide to provide nonprofits across the country with tools to make informed decisions about independent audits.

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How to Think Differently about Your Money: Capital Explored

This Nonprofit Quarterly (NPQ) article by Hilda H. Polanco and Dipty Jain discusses financial capital, which is a structural support that needs to be much better understood and deployed by nonprofit board members, funders, leaders, and managers.

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Strong Nonprofits

Fiscal Management Associates runs The site features more than 60 free tools, how-to’s, and guides for nonprofit financial planning, monitoring, operations, and oversight. Website features range from a nonprofit accounting guide, to an article on sensible growth strategies, to a podcast on how to understand the true cost of programming.

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The Real Cost Project

The Real Cost Project is a joint initiative (by Northern California Grantmakers, Southern California Grantmakers, and San Diego Grantmakers) that encourages funders across California to shift to ‘real cost funding’ of projects to better meet their goals. ‘Real costs’ include all of the necessary costs for a nonprofit organization to achieve its mission and to…

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