Topic: Evaluation

Designing Participatory Meetings and Brownbags: A TOPS Quick Guide to Linking Development Practitioners

This guide provides ideas and suggestions for sessions that will be more conducive to learning and easier to adopt and put into practice than the more traditional expert-led lecture in front of a passive audience.

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Time for a Three-Legged Measurement Stool

Ariel Davis SSIR

In this SSIR article, Fay Twersky, director of Effective Philanthropy at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, shares the importance of incorporating feedback into monitoring and evaluation plans to better measure nonprofit performance. Fay provides examples of organizations in the social sector who are already using feedback from their beneficiaries to gain insight, improve, and…

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Tools and Tips for Demonstrating Impact

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has created this tool kit to help nonprofits show their impact to help gain and keep funder support. This resource shares valuable tips and tools for nonprofits to share outcomes of their work, including ways to identify metrics that matter and weave impacts into stories.

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Resources for Equitable Evaluation

Equitable Evaluation is a team of evaluators and funders that believe there is a moral imperative for the philanthropic sector to design and implement evaluations that actively contribute to equity. They believe that evaluation can be a powerful tool that supports stated aims and that it is not neutral or objective but reflects a set of assumptions and values…

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Measure4Change Knowledge Briefs on Performance Measurement and Management

Measure4Change is a program of the World Bank Group and the Urban Institute to increase the performance measurement capacity of Washington, DC area nonprofits. They have published a series of knowledge briefs that explain key concepts and address relevant topics in performance measurement.

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