Topic: Capacity Building Basics

Tools to Engage: Resources for Nonprofits,

Compiled by the Building Movement Project, this resource for nonprofits provides an interactive search portal that connects people and organizations looking to align the values and principles of their work to the best tools, research, and resources from across the social sector.

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Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures are novel, practical and no-nonsense methods to help leaders fully engage staff to greatly increase productivity and innovation. This website offers an alternative way to approach and design how people work together. It provides a menu of thirty-three Liberating Structures to replace or complement conventional practices such as presentations, status reports and managed discussions.

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Resiliency Guide

This guide features seven factors that can contribute to organizational resiliency, an essential characteristic of organizations that are built for ongoing success. The factors are presented in a way that can fuel discussion and inform action to strengthen resiliency.

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52 Free Development Opportunities for Nonprofit Staff

The Bridgespan Group offers 52 ways (one for each week of the year!) nonprofits can offer on-the-job professional development opportunities to their employees for free. They advise nonprofit leaders to use these suggestions as a checklist, identify which opportunities best fit with their staffs’ development needs, and put a few into action!

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What Foundations Are Missing About Capacity Building

This Harvard Business Review article has some interesting advice for funders about the importance of fundraising capacity. Dan Pallotta warns that not funding fundraising can starve the other elements of capacity building.

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