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From the Transnational NGO Initiative’s web site: “TNGOs, advocacy networks, and cross-border social movements are increasingly influential in global governance, alongside states, intergovernmental organizations, and multinational corporations. The Transnational NGO Initiative focuses broadly on the role of these transnational civil society actors in global governance, and specifically examines their governance, leadership, and effectiveness challenges.

We work as an interdisciplinary team bringing together perspectives from political science, public administration, international relations, economics, and other disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities. Many of our staff have worked in TNGOs. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to develop innovative methods to analyze, triangulate, and integrate the quantitative and qualitative data that we generate. … Through our extensive practitioner engagement, we regularly expose our work to TNGO leaders in workshops and at conferences. And finally, we seek to work with geographically distributed communities of academics and practitioners outside Maxwell through the use of interactive software that enhances collaboration.”

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November 2, 2009


The Maxwell School of Syracuse University


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