The Emerging Leaders Playbook

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Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies and Beth Kanter have developed “The Emerging Leaders Playbook”, a resource for emerging leaders in nonprofit organizations. The playbook is organized into three sections–Leading Self, Leading Others, and Preparing Your Organization–and each section is full of tips, tools, and resources.

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June 1, 2015


Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies and Beth Kanter


Leadership and Coaching

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  1. Beth and I had the chance to discuss this on a late night Israeli bus ride a couple weeks ago. Exciting to see this resource made available on the new platform. Eager to dig in, discuss and explore opportunities for collaboration!

  2. Insightful. How will we prepare them for this most important role? Leadership has been difficult to define historically, but perhaps that had something to do with what the current leadership was about. For too long, leadership was highly correlated with authority. This time has past. The emerging leader, as noted in this article, must be far more collaborative and compassionate. Humility is a characteristic of the new leader, and is a nice balance to confidence.

    As the founder of Mindshift Consulting, I take ownership of some of this responsibility. I created Mindshift as an organization to help people and organizations be more capable and more effective. If you would like to know more about us, please visit


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