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As part of an exploration on the usefulness of an online capacity building consultant database, OE funded a feasibility study by The Foundation Center.

In their research, The Foundation Center found almost 60 existing nonprofit consultant databases. They collected information on the number of consultants included, types of services offered, whether a consultant was part of an association, the geography served, and unique features of the database. They put all of this information together in this simple spreadsheet, which we are pleased to share with the field.

Know of an additional consultant database? Post the link with a description as a comment, and we will add it to this resource!

Date Added:

September 28, 2016


Linda Gargiulo


Finding and Working with Consultants


Packard Funded


  1. 501 Commons provides a listing service for consultants and service providers serving Washington State nonprofits. Each of the 100+ companies and organizations listed have passed an application review process that ensures that they are experienced in the specific areas in which they are listed and that they are recommended by nonprofits. Organization must pass this screening process to be included in the listings. The consultant listings are part of the Nonprofit Resource Directory which includes a wide array of tools and resources to guide nonprofit management practices. Visit the listing at

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