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GEO’s Evaluation in Philanthropy: Perspectives from the Field

GEO’s Evaluation in Philanthropy: Perspectives from the Field explores how evaluation can help grantmakers learn and improve practices (not just “prove” results).

GrantSpace’s Knowledge Base: Executive Transitions in Nonprofits

GrantSpace has a web page focused on executive transitions in nonprofits.

Social Impact & Assessment Tools

TRASI (Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact) is hosted by the Foundation Center. It offers a compendium of resources on assessing impact within nonprofits and foundations.

The Transnational NGO Initiative

From the Transnational NGO Initiative’s web site: “TNGOs, advocacy networks, and cross-border social movements are increasingly influential in global governance, alongside states, intergovernmental organizations, and multinational corporations. The Transnational NGO Initiative focuses broadly on the role of these transnational civil society actors in global governance, and specifically examines their governance, leadership, and effectiveness challenges. We work…

A User’s Guide to Advocacy Evaluation Planning

“A User’s Guide to Advocacy Evaluation Planning” was developed by the Harvard Family Research Project for advocates, evaluators, and funders who want guidance on how to evaluate advocacy and policy change efforts. This tool takes users through four basic steps that generate the core elements of an advocacy evaluation plan, including what will be measured…