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Assessing Nonprofit Capacity: Tools That Can Help

One of the Packard Foundation’s longtime funder collaborators is The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Hewlett). Hewlett’s Effective Philanthropy Group seeks to strengthen the capacity of the foundation’s staff, its grantees, and philanthropy in general to achieve their goals and benefit the common good. It recently released an analysis of various tools used for assessing…

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The Wizard was Wrong: Linking Grantmaker Strategy to What’s Behind the Curtain 

Guest blogger, Meghan Duffy, Associate Vice President of Programs at Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, shares her thoughts on GEO’s newest publication, Strengthening Nonprofit Capacity: Core Concepts in Capacity Building.

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Three Keys to Unlocking Systems-Level Change

Developing a systems mindset, identifying the right tool for the job, and paying attention to human dynamics can help leaders move from theory to action when facing complex social problems.

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