Defining Capacity Building Around the World

The OE Program at the Packard Foundation supports leaders, networks, and organizations around the world. From Ethiopia to China, and many countries in-between, we operate under the same theory of change – that organizations and networks with stronger leadership, management, and operations are better equipped to achieve their missions. However, just as language, culture, and…

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Resources for Choosing Nonprofit Conferences

In lieu of the ever-tempting rock-paper-scissors, here are things to consider when choosing a nonprofit conference to attend.

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Finding Our Unified Voice as a Sector

The Independent Sector (IS) 2016 Conference was a thought-provoking, inspiring conference, that reminded me why I go to conferences—for the opportunity for learning through face-to-face interactions. In mid-November I joined my colleagues from the Packard Foundation Organizational Effectiveness team at the conference to meet and learn from people across the social sector—including nonprofits, foundations, and corporations….

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Be a solution-seeker, not a problem-solver

Last week, in the opening plenary of the Stanford Nonprofit Management Institute (NPMI), Steve McCormick, co-founder and CEO of the Earth Genome, posed this question: “If a divine being said they will solve the cause you are working on, and you would get none of the credit- a rival colleague would instead- would you take…

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GEO Collaboration Conference 2015

See the Packard Organizational Effectiveness team’s top tweets as a story from the GEO Collaboration Conference 2015

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