Category: Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competency

A Push and a Pathway: Race and Leadership in California

For many years, the nonprofit sector’s strategy for diversifying the leadership of our organizations has been guided – or more accurately mis-guided – by assumptions about people of color. When our team at the Building Movement Project started digging into why for a decade or more, people of color are less than 20% of nonprofit…

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Deepening Commitments: Working Toward Equity and Inclusion When Connecting Youth To The Outdoors

As a trainer, facilitator and program officer at Youth Outside, I have the honor of building relationships with countless nonprofit organizations working tirelessly to accomplish their missions. Regularly, these organizations identify their desire to be more culturally relevant and regularly, people feel at a loss for how to take actionable steps for making cultural relevancy…

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Nonprofits, Leadership, and Race

This past year, we were proud to join the Annie E. Casey Foundation and an anonymous fund in supporting the Building Movement Project’s Nonprofits, Leadership, and Race survey. The initial results from the survey were recently released in a report called Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap. The report provides an unprecedented look…

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Defining Capacity Building Around the World

The OE Program at the Packard Foundation supports leaders, networks, and organizations around the world. From Ethiopia to China, and many countries in-between, we operate under the same theory of change – that organizations and networks with stronger leadership, management, and operations are better equipped to achieve their missions. However, just as language, culture, and…

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Finding Our Unified Voice as a Sector

The Independent Sector (IS) 2016 Conference was a thought-provoking, inspiring conference, that reminded me why I go to conferences—for the opportunity for learning through face-to-face interactions. In mid-November I joined my colleagues from the Packard Foundation Organizational Effectiveness team at the conference to meet and learn from people across the social sector—including nonprofits, foundations, and corporations….

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