Our Evaluations

Year-end Learning Reports

Year-end Learning Reports are annual assessments of whether our grants have met their objectives at the close of the grant period, and lessons our grantee partners have learned in undertaking Organizational Effectiveness projects. We use these reports to help us continuously improve the grants that we make. Our most recent learning report is the 2016 Sharing Learning Report which reports on grants that concluded from July 2015 through June 2016.

2014 Dashboard Report

Packard’s OE team annually reports out on its progress and learning in order to aggregate evaluation data, reflect on the past year, and identify areas of focus for the coming year. The 2014 Dashboard report provides a narrative and quantitative visualizations of our progress toward impact and team objectives.

Lasting Change – OE Grant Results 1-2 Years Out

Lasting Change – OE Grant Results 1-2 Years Out is a new series of annual reports that assesses the impact of OE grants on nonprofits’ organizational capacity one to two years after the project has ended. Our 2016 report is now available!

2011 Goldmine Final Results

In response to growing demand for learning information from the nonprofit capacity-building field, the Packard Foundation launched the OE Goldmine Research Project to collect, organize, and analyze data from its OE program in April 2010. In 2011 we commissioned a retrospective evaluation of nearly 175 OE projects.