About the OE Program

The Organizational Effectiveness (OE) program aims to increase the effectiveness of grantee leaders, organizations, and networks, enhancing their capacity to improve the lives of children, advance reproductive health, and conserve and restore the earth’s natural systems.

We do this through providing funding to current Foundation grantees to build their core strengths in areas like strategic and business planning, financial management, board and executive leadership, and communications. We also make grants to build these capacities among groups of leaders and cohorts of grantees, through initiatives called Partnership Projects, so that nonprofit leaders can share knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow their networks.

In addition, we pursue two secondary strategies to achieve our goal: provide training and mentorship to Packard Foundation staff on organizational effectiveness and capacity building; and grow our role as a leader among capacity building funders.

About the OE Knowledge Center

The Organizational Effectiveness Knowledge Center is the Packard Foundation’s “See-through” filing cabinet of the best resources for building capacity in nonprofits.

We have curated a number of resources across a range of capacity development topics to help our grantees, partners, and other funders lead effective organizations. In addition, the Knowledge Center is a place for us to share our thoughts on OE topics and discuss the latest in the field from conferences and publications.

This web site is different from the Packard Foundation’s OE web page which has information on how current Packard Foundation grantees can apply for an OE grant.

Our People

Get to know the Packard Foundation staff that make up the Organizational Effectiveness program.

Our Evaluations

Packard’s OE team continually has its program evaluated internally and by independent third parties in order to assess the effectiveness of its program.