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Saying Goodbye Gracefully: Five Capacity Building Lessons from a Time-Limited Investment

From 2009-2016, the Packard Foundation engaged in an intensive effort to improve summer learning in California. Over seven years, we helped to support 12 high-quality demonstration programs with multiple sites, assemble a network of technical assistance providers for summer programs, and advocate for increased support for summer learning at the state and local levels Highlights…

What Foundations Are Missing About Capacity Building

This Harvard Business Review article has some interesting advice for funders about the importance of fundraising capacity. Dan Pallotta warns that not funding fundraising can starve the other elements of capacity building.

Building Capacity Through Networks

In this Stanford Social Innovation Review article, Jennifer Chandler and Kristen Scott Kennedy advise that in the quest for effective capacity building strategies, don’t overlook the power of networks.

What is Capacity Building?

The National Council of Nonprofits provides a clear definition of capacity building and it’s use along with useful tools including a readiness checklist and tips for working with consultants. Also provided are great capacity building related links for nonprofits and grantmakers.

Reflections on Development of the Digital Impact Toolkit

From July 2013 to December 2014, I was a Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation, focused on how nonprofits and foundations deal with the implications of digital data. During my time at the Foundation, I led a cohort of colleagues through several learning lunches (with hundreds of sticky notes), conducted a data inventory, and interviewed…