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Despite the protests of generations of economists, recent neurological and psychological research shows that human decisions come from our heart, not from our head. In small decisions, like which jam to buy, and large ones, like whom to marry, we are more often swayed by our psycho-social circuitry than by rational thought. For social changemakers, leveraging this fact is key. Changing hearts is, in fact, the way to change minds.

Heartwired a new guide published by Goodwin Simon and Wonder: Strategies for Good and funded by the Packard Foundation says human beings are not hardwired. We are heartwired. The guide provides fascinating and important examples of how “change-makers have leveraged a heartwired understanding of their audiences to accelerate change on their issue,” and then provides instruction on how to apply the approach to mapping social change.

If you are looking to create change in our society, in your organization, or even in your daily relationships, this guide will provide helpful insights. Learn to appeal to the heart of an issue through audience research, storytelling, and persuasion – and leverage those tools to hasten social change.
Where have you used a heartwired approach? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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